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Part Number: BARR001
Brand: BCB International Ltd, Cardiff, UK

    A handheld non-lethal Boat Stopping System (BSS)

    The Barracuda is smallest of our 3 non-lethal Boat Stopping Systems. Hand held, light weight and easily transportable the barracuda is capable of launching a 36 metre (40 yard) arrestor line and two 1 metre (3’ ) sea anchors up to a distance of 36M (40 yds).


    • Ideal for close-in interception.
    • Works in a variety of sea states.
    • Operates at a low pressure of 150 pounds per square inch
    • Integral gas recharge bottle gives ability to reload and launch a second round quickly.
    • Comes in carrying case with two munitions
    • BARR001

Specifications Weight: 13Kg (29 lbs)
Dimensions: 15 x 130cm (6" x 52")

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