Buccaneer Light Weight Interceptor

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Part Number: BARR001
Brand: BCB International Ltd, Cardiff, UK

The Buccaneer Light Weight Interceptor (LWI) is an advanced development of the Buccaneer Anti-Piracy System. Manufactured with modern composite materials and techniques, it is designed for riverine ‘green / brown’ operations in the littoral environment

The Buccaneer LWI is especially suited for deployment upon fast patrol craft such as RIBs where weight and space is at a premium. Capable of fast deployment of prop entangling and vessel disabling projectiles.

The Buccaneer LWI boat stopping system -bss- fills the need to interdict and intercept craft suspected of narcotics trafficking, piracy or terrorist acts, non lethally.

In addition to firing projectiles to disable a vessel the Buccaneer LWI can also deploy floating smoke or flare cylinders for target marking, screening or warning purposes.

Designed to utilise existing Universal Machine Gun (UMG or GPMG) mounts allowing mission specific armament to be selected or interchanged rapidly depending on the operational requirement.

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