Arctic Trucks North America has signed MacGyver Solutions as distributor for Government Sales

MacGyver Solutions has signed a distribution agreement with Arctic Trucks and is proud to offer their product line in North America to Military and Government Customers. 

Arctic Trucks’ vehicles are in service worldwide, performing important missions in the harshest and most unrelenting terrains. Arctic Trucks’ vehicles use a comprehensive suite of engineered modifications to allow operation over a wide range of terrains and surfaces. A fleet of AT Hilux vehicles currently operate in Antarctica and Greenland, and the team has completed multiple expeditions in the Arctic.

Arctic Trucks’ new production facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming will focus on the North American market to serve government, commercial, and retail customers.  Initial production in Cheyenne has begun of vehicles based on Ford’s F-Series trucks.

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Arctic Trucks F150
Part NoDescriptionPrice
HILUXPAT444X42022 Hilux AT44 4×4$CALL
HILUXPAT446X62022 Hilux AT44 6×6$CALL
F150LNAS444X42022 F150 Lariat Non-Air Suspension AT44 4×4$CALL
F350LNAS444X42022 F350 Lariat Non-Air Suspension AT44 4×4$CALL
F350L446X62022 F350 Lariat AT44 6×6$CALL

Note: prices do not include customer-specific options

Arctic Trucks FORD F-150 AT44
FORD F-150 AT44

Example Vehicles

Arctic Trucks TOYOTA Hilux Polar AT44 4x4
TOYOTA Hilux Polar AT44 4×4
Arctic Trucks TOYOTA Hilux Polar AT44 6x6
TOYOTA Hilux Polar AT44 6×6
Arctic Trucks TOYOTA 6×6 AT44