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Vehicle Damage Repair Kit

BDAR kit for NSCV

MacGyver Solutions has worked with end users and industry to offer a Field Expedient Repair (FERK) / Battle Damage Assessment and Repair kit (BDAR) for wheeled vehicles and has made it available on GSA, FEDMALL and other channels. Designed with key components needed to repair many common vehicle mobility issues on NSCV, GMV, LTATV and other platforms in use by US forces and agencies. This kit is available on…

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12v & 24v Vehicle Jump Starter / Power Banks

Part Number: 2400‐8040-XXV-X MacGyver now offers the 12v and 24v jump starter for military vehicles; a solution for when the operator leaves the radio on, or Infrared headlamps (IR) and kills the battery. Available for direct purchase with credit card, or on GSA Advantage, this product should be carried on every deployment. 12 Volt | Battery Jump Starter 18,000 mAh: Capable of jump starting your vehicle up to 20…

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SOF Series IV Run-Flat 12-Ply Tire for Off-Road Vehicles

RP SOF IV Run Flat Tires

Part Number: 3200-0360T This high load, high performance run-flat UTV tire offers an aggressive desert stylized multi-directional tread pattern that makes this performance tactical tire unique. Specifically designed and engineered for heavier payloads, wheel protection, and vehicle survivability. Suited for operation in areas comprised of ironwood, shale and other harsh obstacles. Lightweight 12-PLY rating Improves acceleration Up to 1200+ lb load rating Focused design for 50 miles at 40 mph devoid of…

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SOF Series 2 Run-Flat 12-Ply Tire for Off-Road Vehicles

Part Number: 3200-0015T Made for tough jobs, perfect for off-road adventures. The RP SOF Series II Run-Flat 8 or 12-PLY tire is a run-flat creating its own class. With a bias-ply construction throughout, the Series II is a true run-flat, able to maintain its shape regardless of punctures in the tread or sidewall. Bottom line? If you’re worried about getting a flat, don’t! Just get RP Run-Flats. This high…

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Polaris Digital Wrench Wireless kit with adapter and Android Tablet (GOV ONLY)

Part Number: DIG-WVLAT Cage Code: 7JP09 (Available to Government Customers only) Includes (1) Android Tablet with Mobile Digital Wrench Installed, USB cable with adapter (PN: DIG‐AT) (1) Polaris Wireless Vehicle Link (PN: DIG_WVL) (Requires active license for Digital Wrench) Allows Connection to MV850, MRZR & MRZR Diesel wirelessly using Tablet and Wireless Vehicle Link Click here to email us a Request for Quote on this product.

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Part Number: DIGWRKIT Cage Code: 7JP09 (Available to Government Customers only) DIGWRKIT Includes all So􀅌ware, Cables & License to install Polaris Digital Wrench on your PC. Software included on thumb drive to allow easy install without having to download on your own. Waterproof case included to protect from weather and elements. Digital Wrench Software License (1 year) Thumb Drive with Digital Wrench Software Digital Wrench Military Cable Kit Waterproof…

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Complete Polaris Digital Diagnostics + Bluetooth (GOV ONLY)

Part Number: DIGWKIT-BT Cage: 7JP09 (Available to Government Customers only) Includes: Digital Wrench software on a USB Drive (1) SmartLink Module (1) SmartLink Vehicle Interface Cable (1) SmartLink USB Cable (1) Android Tablet with Mobile Digital Wrench Installed (1) Polaris Wireless Vehicle Link (1) Waterproof Storage Case. Allows for PC and Bluetooth Tablet maintenance of Polaris MRZR, MV850 and Snowmobiles. Software License valid for 1 year from date of…

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Off-Road Vehicle Recovery Kit with Kinetic Rope

Part Number: 26794 Cage Code: 07JP09 This military vehicle recovery kit were developed to allow soldiers to conduct self recovery as well as assist in recovering vehicles of similar size. Existing recovery kits and tow cables are designed for larger vehicle platforms and were not developed for the lighter vehicles now in use by Special Operations and Airborne Infantry units including the Polaris MRZR-D LTATV and the GMV1.1 Ground Mobility…

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Part Number: ATV-EM-MEDIC2 VEHICLE MEDICAL KIT – “STOMP BAG” – Includes: 1 Blood Pressure Cuff Kit 10 Gauze Sponges – 2″ x 2″ 1   Cervical  Collar 10 Butterfly Strips 1 Pen Light 20 Bandage Strips – 2″ x 3″        5 Suture Sets 20 Knuckle Bandages 5 Latex Examination Gloves (pair) 3 Instant Ice Pack 10 Abdominal Pads – 5″ x 9″ 2 EMT Shears 40 Pain Relievers 4 Stainless…

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