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Order, Stock, Stage and Sell

Order, Stock, Stage and Sell 19 February 2018 BY MIKE JACKSON As I write this it is still snowing across the Mid-West and North-East and in the 30s across the Southern states; but spring is around the corner and in powersports that means stocking orders, store clean up and staffing for the season! For this blog I will break down spring prep into 4 stages: Order, Stock, Stage and…

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Are the numbers you’re looking at Real?

Original BLOG Posted here at PowerSports Business Magazine. 14 January 2018                       BY MIKE JACKSON (VIDEO/READER) Most dealerships operate on a calendar year, so right now dealer principals are taking a deep breath that 2017 is over, and at the same time wondering how to make 2018 better. Accounting managers and book keepers are trying to get the bank accounts…

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