Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS Remote Patrol Package


PN: R20XP1RPP This Polaris package provides law enforcement capability for remote urban or off-road seating for up to 6 passengers. Start with the proven RANGER CREW XP 1000 EPS model that comes standard with power steering and add custom graphics, deluxe emergency light kit, siren and PA system, tip out full windshield, roof, and much more. This package is designed for law enforcement that needs to have the capability…

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Polaris GeneralĀ® 1000 EPS Stored Energy CAFS Package

Polaris General 1000 with RKO Compressed Air Foam System installed.

Part Number: R19RGE99CAFS Perfect for Small Airfield first responder the Polaris General 1000 EPS with the RKO Stored Energy Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) package can stand ready and respond quickly to an aircraft or fuel emergency. Built upon the popular Polaris GENERAL 1000 EPS model then add: Custom Fire-fighting Graphics Kit Red Fire / Rescue Body Panels Stored Energy CAFS Kit Sport Roof – Poly Convex Rear View…

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RANGERĀ® CREW XP 1000 EPS HVAC Edition All Weather Fire-fighting & Rescue Package

Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 HVAC Fire & Rescue Model

PN: R19RSU99AWFF Designed to get firefighters and first responders to their destination as comfortable as possible. This Polaris Ranger has room for 6 in its heated and air conditioned full cab. Operate in all climates with this 6 person heat and A/C option. Start with the 6 person, fully cabbed, heat/AC, electronic power steering RANGER CREW XP 1000 EPS HVAC model and add the following: Custom Fire-fighting Graphics Kit Red Fire…

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Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS Northstar HVAC Edition All Weather Police & Security Patrol Package

Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 HVAC Police Model

PN: R19RSU99AWPP Designed to provide Police and Security personnel with an all terrain vehicle that can keep them comfortable in all climates. 6 Person seating with heat and air conditioning allows personnel to arrive on site ready to go. In addition to heat and air conditioning this model comes standard with emergency lighting kit, premium light bar, siren, PA system, all trail tires and custom graphics. Operate in all…

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Vehicles from MacGyver

MacGyver Solutions, Inc is an Official Partner of Polaris Government & Defense as well as other vehicle manufacturers. MacGyver DOES NOT sell these vehicles to the general public – we are only authorized to sell the vehicles on these pages to the military, government agencies and companies that support these customers. For Consumers We work with World of Powersports (www.worldofpowersports.com) if you are a consumer looking to purchase vehicles…

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