Army Special Forces buys Vehicle Recovery Kits for LTATV and GMV 1.1

An elite element within the United States Special Forces Command (USSOCOM) recently worked with MacGyver Solutions, Inc to develop and deliver military vehicle recovery kits. These kits are for its Polaris MRZR-D LTATV and the GMV1.1 Ground Mobility Vehicle based on the General Dynamics Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle / Flyer Defense Flyer 72.

The new recovery kits were developed to allow soldiers to conduct self recovery as well as assist in recovering vehicles of similar size. Existing recovery kits and tow cables are designed for larger vehicle platforms. These kits were not developed for the lighter vehicles now in use by Special Forces, Rangers, MARSOC, AFSOC and Airborne Infantry units.

Part Number 26974 - vehicle recovery kit contents.

MacGyver Solutions has included Synthetic Shackles and a Kinetic Rope to allow for quick recovery of a stuck vehicle. Additional items in the vehicle recovery kit include a snatch block, tree saver and shackles to allow for self recovery.

Use of Kinetic Rope

The kinetic rope or ‘snatch rope’ is designed to stretch up to 30% providing numerous benefits. The stretching can reduce the shock of recovery, preventing damage to equipment and injury to personnel. This feature also allows slack to be left in the line so that the tow vehicle can begin moving prior to tow vehicle load being introduced and then transfer the energy gained to the stuck vehicle creating more pulling power.

Example of Snatch Rope or Kinetic Rope for recovery of Bradley fighting vehicle.
Image from Army Manual ATP 4-31/MCRP 4-11.4A
Recovery and Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR)

Use of Snatch Block

The Snatch Block included in the vehicle recovery kit allows recovery personnel to use an offset anchor point. They could also double the pulling power of a winch by doubling the winch cable through the block and back to the vehicle.

Use of Snatch block to increase pulling power of winch during military vehicle recovery.
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Dozens of vehicle recovery kits being prepped for shipment to US Special Forces.
Finishing up Military vehicle Recovery Kits