Vehicles from MacGyver

MacGyver Solutions, Inc is an Official Partner of Polaris Government & Defense as well as other vehicle manufacturers. MacGyver DOES NOT sell these vehicles to the general public – we are only authorized to sell the vehicles on these pages to the military, government agencies and companies that support these customers.

For Consumers

We work with World of Powersports ( if you are a consumer looking to purchase vehicles then please contact them.

Consumers can enjoy the great support offered our US Military by Shopping at World of Powersports, Inc. Our Illinois Dealership offering Parts, Accessories and complete vehicles for pretty much all makes and models. Click the Logo above to visit the website or Call 217-423-6521

Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Marines can Shop Us at the Exchange Mall website for even greater savings! 100% of our Online catalog is available via the Exchange Mall affiliate site.