SOF Series 2 Run-Flat 12-Ply Tire for Off-Road Vehicles

Part Number: 3200-0015T

Made for tough jobs, perfect for off-road adventures. The RP SOF Series II Run-Flat 8 or 12-PLY tire is a run-flat creating its own class. With a bias-ply construction throughout, the Series II is a true run-flat, able to maintain its shape regardless of punctures in the tread or sidewall. Bottom line? If you’re worried about getting a flat, don’t! Just get RP Run-Flats.

This high load, high performance run-flat ATV and UTV tire offers an aggressive multi-directional tread pattern, making the tire truly unique. Specifically designed and engineered for heavier payloads, wheel
protection, and lightweight tactical missions – it’s everything you’ve wanted in an off-road tire. Seriously, take these babies off-road! They’re suited for all-terrain, including areas with ironwood, shale and
other harsh obstacles. From sandy beaches to mountain peaks and everything in between. This is the run-flat you’ve been looking for.

  • Lightweight 12-PLY rating
  • Improves acceleration
  • Up to 1200+ lb load rating
  • Focused design for 50 miles at 40 mph devoid of air at 900 lb per tire load

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