82nd Airborne Upgrades Flyer A-GMV Fleet

2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 82nd Airborne Division is upgrading its fleet of A-GMV, 9 – passenger Infantry Squad Vehicles with accessories including windshields, storage and litter racks, bumper with winch and other modifications from Flyer Defense, LLC through its distributor MacGyver Solutions, Inc in Pinehurst, NC.

MacGyver has been awarded a contract in the amount of $874,915.23 to upgrade the fleet of AGMVs currently assigned to the U.S. Army, 2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 82nd Airborne Division (ABN), Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This is the first major contract MacGyver has been awarded after becoming an official distributor for Flyer Defense, LLC products and is expected to enhance the vehicles capability for the unit personnel.

The upgrade by the 82nd Airborne follows a prior upgrade request by 173rd Airborne in Italy and Germany to add accessories to its A-GMVs including tie-down rails, storage racks, doors, enclosure kits, weapon mounts and turrets.

The new contract calls for increasing the mission capability of the A-GMV by adding full windshield and wiper systems, front storage racks and litter carrier, lane clearing kits, bumpers, winches, and recovery equipment.

Flyer Defense A-GMV with accessories purchased by 2nd BCT, 82nd Airborne Division Installed.

Installation of the upgrades will be made by Flyer Defense, LLC Field Service Representatives (FSRs) and unit personnel and is expected to take place later this year.

The A-GMVs in place at the 2nd BCT have seating for 9 personnel, weapons mount for four (4) M240 or M249 door mounted machine guns and the ability to install a turret for heavy machine gun if required. The platform is excellent for transport of paratroopers with its ability to be internally transported in the CH-47, and sling loaded by UH-60.

The additional accessories will allow the occupants greater protection from weather and debris when operating the platform, as well as better visibility during austere weather. External storage capability and moving the litter position from the rear seat allows for the entire crew to remain with the vehicle during evacuation of wounded personnel. The new lane clearing kit will increase the vehicles’ ability to traverse areas with debris and add the capability for the vehicle to self-recover or traverse complex obstacles.

A-GMV (AGMV) Windshield
AL4024961 Windshield w/Wipers
AGMV Litter Rack / hood storage racks
57K00205 Litter/Storage Rack
AL4021589 Bumper and Winch for AGMV
AL4021589 Bumper/Winch

The Flyer 72 (A-GMV Variant) is the same platform in use by USSOCOM as the GMV 1.1 and can be modified extensively by the unit to increase its capability. OEM created accessories and GMV 1.1 components including lower doors, windshield with wipers, storage and litter racks, upper doors/enclosure kit, heater/defroster, heavy machine gun turret and even armor protection to produce a fully armored vehicle can be adapted to the light infantry unit’s A-GMVs.

The GMV is an all-terrain vehicle developed especially for use by special operations forces (SOF). The GMV 1.1 (M1288) contract was awarded by USSOCOM to General Dynamics for procurement of the Flyer 72 vehicle in 2013 to provide a lightweight tactical vehicle, replacing the aging High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs). The new platform required greater mobility than the HMMWV, while simultaneously supporting Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) electronics and additional mounted weapon systems. The Army – GMV (A‐GMV) (M1297) was added to the General Dynamics-USSOCOM contract in 2017 as a 9‐passenger variant of the Flyer 72, supporting Army Airborne Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs).

Another variant of the Flyer 72 is the Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV).  The Flyer 72 Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) submission with teammate Oshkosh Defense was provided a Task Assignment award under an existing Project Agreement with the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) to develop the new Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV).

The U.S. Army Program Executive Office Combat Service & Combat Service Support lead stated, “Lightweight vehicles are essential to increase speed in combat and provide ability to be transported by helicopter into austere locations,. Ground mobility vehicles provide flexibility for entry operations, permissive and non-permissive, to counter threat anti-access strategies through the use of multiple entry points — air-drop, air-land, and air-insertion”.

The ISV is a lightweight expeditionary all-terrain vehicle that can carry up to nine troops and associated combat equipment. Under the award, Oshkosh and Flyer delivered two prototype ISVs in support of government testing and evaluation.

DOWNLOAD the Flyer 72 Brochure below:

GSA Contract: 47QSMA18D08QH

Delivery Order: W9124722F0066

Action Obligation: $874,915.23

SOW: Deliver and install upgrade accessories for A-GMV vehicles.

This award was made by the GSA Global Supply Large Special Order Program (SOP) team.

About Flyer Defense, LLC

Flyer Defense, LLC was formed to provide mission‐specialized, lightweight, high mobility, all‐terrain tactical wheeled vehicles capable of internal transport in rotary and tilt wing aircraft. Flyer provides purpose‐built vehicles and logistics support for the U.S. Army, and USSOCOM Special Operations Forces, as well as global allies. Always prioritizing the users and their missions, Flyer™ vehicles increase ground mobility, allow rapid deployment into contested areas, and enable military ground forces to move quickly for extended distances and over difficult terrain. The Flyer® family of successfully tested and certified vehicles are modular platforms, allowing rapid vehicle customization for immediate operation‐relevant configuration.

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MacGyver Solutions is located in Pinehurst, North Carolina and is a Service‐Disabled, Veteran‐Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and Certified HUBZone Small Business Concern (HUBZone) that was established by Mike Jackson to provide the warfighter and support elements with accessories, repair parts, deployment kits and training on specialty vehicle platforms from motorcycles and ATVs to pickup trucks and HMMWVs. MacGyver Solutions is a GSA Contract holder with Contract #47QSMA18D08QH. Mr. Jackson is a Special Forces and Army Airborne veteran having served in the 1st Special Forces Group, 82nd Airborne Division & 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

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